Fit-to-fly Antigen test & Certificate Service in Brighton, Sussex

Fast & Reliable Private Fit to fly Antigen Test & Certificate Service in Brighton for countries that accept an antigen test.

Clinic Location: University Pharmacy, Health Centre Building, Falmer Brighton BN1 9RW

Why Us?


We Offer Gold Standard Fit to fly Antigen Tests in Brighton

Clinic Location: University Pharmacy, Health Centre Building, Falmer Brighton BN1 9RW

RELIABLE RESULTS – We offer Gold-Standard Rapid Antigen testing service in the heart of Brighton, London. The test takes 15 minutes to complete and results (with a doctor’s signed fit to fly certificate is emailed to your to on the same day).

Your test is supervised by a healthcare professional and your certificate will have the clinic details printed on it.

If you can’t find availability at this clinic, please try our nearby clinic at Leybourne Pharmacy (also open on saturdays)

Antigen Test Brighton
In-clinic Fit to fly Antigen test & Certificate – Gold Standard
  • Book your test online and attend at your appointment time.
  • Take the test in clinic (supervised by a healthcare professional, only takes 15 min).
  • Get your fit to fly certificate sent to your email within 1 hour.
Antigen Test Brighton
Fit to fly home antigen test with certificate- collection
  • Order online and collect in-store straight away after your order.
  • Take your test at home, upload your results to get the certificate by email the same day.
  • Doctor signed fit to fly certificate included
  • Instant collection.
covid recovery certificate Brighton
Covid-19 Recovery Certificate
  • Simply complete an online consultation.
  • Submit your positive Covid test certificate and your ID.
  • Get your certificate within 12 hours, 7 days a week by email.
  • This service is 100% online, it takes 5 minutes to complete an online consultation.

Fit to fly Antigen test & certificate Service in Brighton
3 easy steps

1. Book Your test

Book your test appointment online with our easy and secure online booking system

2. Attend your appointment

Attend your appointment for in-pharmacy testing supervised by a healthcare professional

3. Results & Certificate

Receive your results and Certificate direct to your email securely.

Have Any Questions?


These FAQs will help answer any questions may have.

Lateral flow tests are well established form of diagnostic tests for checking the presence of antigen (viral) when some one is infected with Covid-19. It detects presence of active Covid-19 infection. 

We recommend that you read and follow the manufacturer instructions carefully. 

The brand of lateral flow test that we use requires you to take a swab sample from both nostrils only.  This is generally a simple and painless process. The swab is then immersed in to the chemical solution. The solution tube has a dropper top which is used to add drops of the solution into the well in the test cassette. The results are displayed on the screen of the test cassette within 15-30 minutes. 

According to the brand that we use, their test kits have data from clinical trials from the UK, USA, Sweden and China which show a combined accuracy of 98.8% (96.8% diagnostic sensitivity and 97.1% specificity).

The manufacturer of the kit has confirmed that the test kits are EC marked and fully registered with MHRA.

Also that “The UK Government Public Health England, Porton Down Laboratory, which reviews all lateral flow tests for the DHSC/UK Government, has validated the test to have exemplary accuracy at multiple viral loads, including for asymptomatic patients, and across the new different variants.

The test kit is also approved by the EU and the US.

You can check the UK government foreign travel website to see if your destination country accepts an antigen test. Click on this link: